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Peer Mentor Program

My Path Forward’s Peer Mentor Program is a way for youth who have successfully graduated from the program to remain connected with the program, give back to the MPF community, and receive continued assistance while transitioning to independent housing.

Who qualifies?

  • MPF youth who successfully complete Phases 1& 2 and leave the program in good standing
  • MPF Alumni who left the program in good standing

What’s Phase 3?

Phase 3 is a 1-year optional program component that allows graduated MPF youth, to receive continued monthly subsidies for their ongoing assistance and participation with remaining MPF youth.

Youth in Phase 3 have transitioned to their own independent housing and no longer receive MPF service. However, they may receive a monthly subsidy to help offset the cost of things such as utilities, rent, etc. Phase 3 youth act as peer mentors, and can remain involved in numerous ways which are outlined below.

Ways to be a peer mentor

  • Be a part of panel interviews for new program applicants
  • Assistance with move-in and orientation
    • Help moving new youth’s belongings
    • Tour of neighborhood and amenities (show new youth designated visitor parking, go over trash schedule/procedure, etc)
    • Walking new client to leasing office and assistance with a parking decal
  • Hold open “Office hours” for Phase 1 and Phase 2 youth
  • Assistance with crisis management and follow up with youth in crisis as needed
  • Participation in speaking engagements (fundraising/advocacy/awareness)
  • Storage assistance (help with moving larger items between apartments or organizing storage units)
  • Provide a networking opportunity, job (or job shadowing) opportunity or internship opportunity to a Phase 1 or Phase 2 youth
  • Other ideas are welcome!

How long can I be a peer mentor?

While youth are only eligible to receive subsidies for one year, there is no limit to the length of time a graduate (alumni) may remain connected with MPF.

Do I have to participate in Phase 3 to be alumni and stay connected?

Nope! You just need to complete Phase 1 and 2 successfully

What are other benefits to remaining connected to MPF once I graduate?

  • Emergency financial assistance once per year for up to two years
  • Annual reminders about important renewals such as Medicaid (based on your specific renewal month), FAFSA, etc.
  • Receive healthcare information and healthcare options 6 months prior to Medicaid case ending at age 26
  • Receive important policy changes that will affect you as a foster care alumni, as well as changes to assistance programs such as Medicaid & TANF
  • Receive updates about important community resources, voting information, paid and unpaid advocacy, outreach, and public speaking opportunities
  • Receive invitations to youth-driven and MPF events
  • Remain a part of the growing MPF family!

Please note:

  • Phase 3 youth must participate in a minimum of 3 peer mentor tasks per participatory year to receive a subsidy
  • If Phase 3 youth has not participated in at least one peer mentor activity within the first 6 months of participation, they will not qualify to receive an additional 6 months of rent subsidies.
  • The final stipend will be withheld if all 3 tasks have not been completed prior to the final month in Phase 3


Please reach out to the My Path Forward team if you are interested or if you have questions about the Peer Mentor program.

(804) 353-0191 | (804) 317-6667 | [email protected]