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Alumni Portal

Welcome to the My Path Forward Alumni Portal

This portal is a one-stop shop for keeping your communication with My Path Forward (MPF) open after you leave the program OR if you just need an easy one click way to obtain local resources. With a couple of clicks, you can update your contact information, email the My Path Forward team, learn more about our Peer Mentor Program, or access dozens of resources in the Richmond area to help with your housing, financial, employment, education, medical, therapeutic and safety needs.

What is the My Path Forward Alumni Portal?

Stay connected to My Path Forward staff and peers. We always want to know how you’re doing! Even if your journey with us stops at Phase 1 or 2 in the program, we still care about how you are doing and want to hear what you are accomplishing once you leave us. We hope that you’ve fostered connections with your peers in the program too; we’re sure they’d love to see familiar faces at future events.

Stay informed. With your updated contact information, we will notify you of important and relevant policies, programs and resources that affect you as an alumni of foster care. These could be changes to Medicaid or other state resources, funding for your education, financial aid deadlines and scholarships, or new resources in your community.

Receive invites to My Path Forward events and advocacy opportunities throughout the year! If you are someone who is passionate about advocating for youth who have aged out of foster care, there are TONS of opportunities each year for you to have your voice heard, network, and help inform the public of how important it is to make changes to the foster care system. If this is for you, let us know so we can keep you in the loop! If you just want to be informed of MPF events…that works too!

Learn more about becoming a peer mentor by clicking the “Peer Mentor Program” button on this page.

Easy one-click access to resources in the community and online related to employment, education, healthcare, support services, and more. Let us know if you have any suggestions!